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Ever taken a step back to think about how using cannabis is fitting into your life? Take this short, anonymous quiz. The answers might surprise you.

  1. Your First Name (to protect your privacy please only use your first name or a nickname):

  2. You are:

  3. Your age: (example: 18)

  4. During the past 3 months, how often have you used cannabis?

  5. During the past 3 months, how often have you had a strong desire or urge to use cannabis?

  6. During the past 3 months, how often has your use of cannabis led to health, social, legal or financial problems?

  7. During the past 3 months, how often have you failed to do what was normally expected of you because of your use of cannabis?

  8. Has a friend or relative or anyone else ever expressed concern about your use of cannabis?

  9. Have you ever tried and failed to control, cut down or stop using cannabis?

  10. How often do you drive after using cannabis, or ride with a driver who has?

  11. When you use cannabis, how often do you drink alcohol or use other substances?

  12. In the past 12 months, what is the largest amount you estimate you have spent on cannabis, on any given day? (example: 10.00)

  13. In the average month, about how much money would you estimate that you spend on cannabis? (example: 50.00)

  14. How do you get your cannabis? Please select all that apply:

  15. What is your employment status?

  16. Please enter the first three characters of your postal code (Canada) or your zip code (USA):