This platform is brought to you by Evolution Health Systems, a Research & Development firm dedicated to building and managing digital health interventions. Our mission is to reduce stigmas associated with mood and anxiety disorders, and to provide community-based access to interactive, personalized, evidence-based treatment. 

First launched in 2000, this platform has been continually enhanced through a methodology that involves input from experts in clinical and behavioral psychology, technology, gamification, collaborative group therapy, and econometrics. Community members who use this program to increase their personal wellness also serve as key advisors in our design process. 

Guidelines in cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, normative feedback, the health belief model, and social cognitive theory are the theoretical constructs behind this platform. Data from our platforms have been presented at over 100 academic conferences, and published in over 50 peer-reviewed academic journals. 

To support our work we license fully branded, white-label versions of this platform to payors, providers, employee assistance programs, corporations, government entities, and pharmaceutical companies. Clients of our white-label solutions have access to on demand usability and outcome metrics for their populations. Non-profit organization receive reduce licensing rates.  

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